Do you believe that tasting dishes could be a fabulous adventure ? This is what our Head Chef says. He skillfully prepares dishes according to his own unique recipes.

Check us… Taste our food…

The Gallery is a wonderful restaurant, in which you will encounter dishes with friendly and unique tastes.

Delicious garden fragrant sander Tasty boar pork-chop. Pork loin casseroled with Taleggiocheese and asparagus.

Try it, taste it..  We heartily invite you and your friends.

This is a great place for gourmets and wine connoisseurs! Piotr Bikont well-known culinary expert praised our traditional Polish soup made from fermented rye and served in bread. He also appreciated stewed loin in spicy tomato sauce.

Robert Makłowicz, another celebrity culinary expert, was impressed by dumplings with spinach, in herb and tomato sauce.

A writer, Małgorzata Musierowicz, wrote in the guestbook: I have not eaten such a reined, tasty and nicely served dinner for a long time.

Congratulations for the Chef for the veal meat balls in mushroom sauce. TV presenter, Agata Młynarska, praised our grilled loin and tomato cream soup.

    Restauracja Gallery w Bydgoszczy otrzymała nagrodę Top Ten

    The restaurant was awarded a place in the prestigious ranking „The Ten Most” Catalog of Conference Centers and Services „CONFERENCES IN POLAND” in the category „PLACES WHERE TO EAT”.

    Minister Sikorski poleca restaurację Gallery w Bydgoszczy

    “As a long-time enthusiast of Polish and international cuisine, I am pleased to say that there is no other place in Bydgoszcz which offers such a large variety and tasty selection of main courses than those offered by the chefs at the Gallery restaurant”